A Delicate Sense of Terror

An exchange of favours led to my writing a text for Rab Harling’s press release, for his solo exhibition at Lubomirov Easton in June this year. Neighbourhood, in terms of our acquaintanceship made in the surroundings of Balfron Tower, combined with photography, in services rendered to me, in particular the digital archiving of my old slides. A mutual interest in the architectural history of Balfron has led me to become quite closely involved in Rab’s different documentations of the tower’s interior. I was further intrigued by his anecdotes of various encounters with other residents. Therefore I wrote the text from my perspective as resident of Balfron Tower. An excerpt follows:

‘Hidden spaces of communal infrastructure become absorbed into the comprehensive record, echoing the way our routes in and out of our flats become integrated into our collective experience of home.’

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