Book with teeth with shadingBrainchild of Francesca Peschier, a co-student on the MRes Arts Practice course I have been studying at Chelsea College of Art & Design this past year, JAWS Journal is a peer-reviewed enterprise to publish art writing by students at the University of the Arts, London. Funded by the Students Union, and now approved for a publishing deal with Intellect in 2014, JAWS has developed into a considerable platform for students as a first step towards publishing in academic journals and speaking at conferences. As part of the editing team, I wanted to contribute an essay for this first issue that laid foundations for the journal’s future profile. Therefore I decided to write my article about the magazine-printed image – the way artworks are treated and perceived in such a medium. An excerpt follows here:

‘The marriage of art and design could not be more evident than in the challenge to contain this sense of art as object within what is primarily an interface for communication. Omar Kholeif[i] proposes that the immediacy of new media might provide a usable solution to contextualizing art in contemporary culture. However, the example of the Millennium Magazines shows that such contextualizing demands more than just the juxtaposition of disparate elements. The physical, tactile nature of the magazine communicates, even within its narrow resources, a breadth of contexts that would be untranslatable to the purely cognitive realm of new media.’

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[i] Kholeif, O, (2012). The curator’s new medium [Article], in Art Monthly 363, February 2013, pp.9-12.