mres%20jaws%20vol%202%20nemere%20bee%20plus%20millbank%20An exhibition between research students at CCW Graduate School and at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts was coordinated at the Triangle Space at Chelsea College of Art & Design in April this year. Students on the MRes Arts Practice course, which I have been studying this past year, were invited by Professor Stephen Scrivener to propose a response to the alliance between these two institutions. A group of us decided to select an artist each from the exhibition, about which to write a creative response. Brooke Fitzsimons and Robert Gadie coordinated this, and I assisted with the creation of the Thames-Danube blog, in which all information about the contributing artists is now archived. An excerpt from my piece follows here, a response to Nemere Kerezsi’s body of work testing the geometry of bees:

‘How fruitless is it to impose such contrary architecture on these bees? Machines of transformation, they negotiate their ways around the unfamiliar walls, alien containment, cells of forced unsympathetic uniformity – a correction to their natural inclinations. Oversimplified constructions mimic the scale and function of their daily pattern, but not addressing the intangible needs of each individual, their needs reduced to a formula composed of repetition and game-playing.’

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