Students on the MRes course I am currently undertaking were invited to submit written work to accompany an exhibition at Camberwell College of Art, in response to the theme of Breathing Space. Struggling to find spare time to do anything, but keen to follow up the opportunity, I suggested a joint piece with Kat Leach, a fellow student, written via online correspondence.

Both of us feel like we have found ways to sustain our art-brains while working part-time, studying, and maintaining an art practice. Having quite different approaches to research (Kat’s approach is via psychoanalysis, whereas mine is through looking at practical processes), the resulting conversation raced through a range of possible contexts for the art-brain as breathing space, within only a few days.

‘I wanted to bring up a precarity angle as well – as in how can artists work when the unpaid nature of art forces them into other professions? I think we are examples of artists who successfully balance a second paid profession with our respective art practices by splitting our brains.’

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