The Searchers Contemporary is a new gallery in Bristol set up by Ruth Piper. I knew Ruth Piper about 10 years ago when we both had a studio in Wimbledon Art Studios, where we found some common ground in our practices, namely a geometric type of abstract painting, and bold graphic use of colour. Discovering recently that Ruth was launching a new gallery venture with an exhibition of predominantly abstract work, I was curious to see the exhibition, despite it meaning a long journey down to Bristol. A pattern is emerging however, in my posts, of the most rewarding exhibitions entailing a journey away from my usual surrounds in order to see them. A beautiful sunny September day greeted me in Bristol, one of the last private views of the year that will begin in daylight. The bright colours and multiple subject matters combined to make a very enjoyable exhibition in the gallery’s temporary space in the city’s centre. The show will continue in a new space at 14 St Michael’s Hill, Bristol from 2nd October.

Battled out in the studio through hours of looking and decision-making, Woodrow’s paintings display processes of both adding and removing paint. She layers on the paint so thick and clotted the whole canvas becomes encased, and then more tentatively scumbles and scrapes back in the final stages to resolve the surfaces. In contrast there is a Victorian sensibility at play in Korzer-Robinson’s laborious craft which complements the old-fashioned naive illustrations which he reveals layer by layer in his book sculptures.’

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