This article, questioning ways of looking at Louisa Chambers’ paintings, developed out of a studio visit and a proposal which I wrote in order to curate the exhibition Needle’s Eye, which is currently being shown at Transition Gallery, Hackney, 18th Feb – 11th March 2012, and will be touring to BayArt in Cardiff later this year. The exhibition is of four painters including Louisa Chambers, who all employ methods in their treatment of subject matter which like the allegory of the needle’s eye, transform or perform the impossible. Cathy Lomax chose to include my article in Transition Gallery’s self-published magazine – Garageland 13: Paint, which was launched on the same night as the private view of the exhibition.

The subjects, methods and resolving of her paintings all carry through a very idiosyncratic vision; hard to define, but easy to intuit once presented with them in the flesh, dodging between easy categorisations through their playful search for a truth beneath the obvious surfaces of things.’

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